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Our classes, intensives, and workshops cover all aspects of yoga practice at different levels of experience. 


The classes include movement (asana), breathing (pranayama), mindfulness, relaxation, and meditation.


The movement is a flowing practice in rhythm with the breathing, building flexibility and core strength.


Breathing practices  help release  both physical and mental tensions while relaxation is focussed to calm the workings of the body and mind.


All of these practices prepare the body and mind for meditation. 


Beginners’ intensives offer the sound foundations of movement and breathing practices, while more advanced classes see these foundations expanded in all directions as students’ practices develop.​

Specialised classes focus on helping students achieve necessary change with specific issues.

In our breath class, targeted breathing practices may result in differences not only to breathing but improved energy levels, body functioning and clarity of thinking and mind.

Likewise our back pain class helps ease tensions while bringing equilibrium to the body and strength to the musculature that supports the spine.

Thank you for making such a difference to my life in the last year. I feel I’m in a much better place than I was a year ago and have much less pain. I can do so much more (eg cycling round Millport!) and it’s all down to yoga. (KN, Thursday evening class)


Benefits for my COPD have been remarkable... even the Dr's impressed... so puffer out class in... many thanks. (ML, Tuesday morning class)

I was a chronic headache sufferer before I started yoga and I don’t have them at all now. I was suffering with 3 to 4 headaches a week. I don’t know if my posture has changed or I’m just less stressed but that’s been a huge change for me. (KC, Wednesday evening class)


***All classes currently running online***

Monday - Saturday


Beginners Intensive

4 week introductory course laying down the foundations for a sound practice. 

Levels 1-5

Weekly classes for all levels.  


Back Pain

Weekly class with a focus on the underlying issues that cause back pain, building core strength in the musculature and improving alignment. 


Breathe Levels 1-3

Weekly classes encompassing practical breathing and relaxation techniques,  focussing on helping cope with stress and anxiety, concentration, and respiratory ailments. 

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